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Becoming a racing driver partner is a mutual commitment between a company or brand and the driver himself. This partnership aims to support and promote the pilot's career, while creating a lasting and beneficial cooperative relationship for both parties. As a partner, you agree to provide financial, logistical or material support to the pilot. This may include race team funding, the purchase of specialized equipment, technical assistance, the development of marketing and communication strategies, as well as participation in social responsibility events or initiatives. The partnership makes it possible to reinforce the visibility and the brand image of the driver, as well as of the associated company or brand. By actively supporting the pilot, you are helping to increase their notoriety, attract the attention of the media and potential sponsors, and open up new career opportunities. To become a partner of a racing driver, it is essential to establish a relationship of trust and transparency. Both parties must share common values, similar goals and a long-term vision. It is important to establish an open dialogue to understand the needs and expectations of each party, and to work together to develop a clear and achievable action plan. Partnering with a racing driver also offers mutual benefits in terms of marketing and promotion. By pairing your business or brand with a talented and passionate driver, you have the opportunity to reach a wider audience, increase your visibility and build your credibility in motorsport. In summary, becoming a racing driver's partner involves financial, logistical or material support to help the driver achieve their sporting goals, as well as close collaboration to develop promotion and marketing strategies.

It is a mutually beneficial relationship that helps to reinforce the notoriety of the driver and the associated company or brand.

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As a professional racing driver, I am happy to present this proposal for the addition of partner logos on my suit and on my racing car. I understand the importance of building strong partnerships with companies and brands to support my career and promote their business. On my suit, we have provided a space dedicated to partner logos. This strategic location guarantees maximum visibility during events, races and photo opportunities. Your logo will be proudly displayed, reflecting our partnership and your support of my career. Regarding the racing car, we have provided specific locations for the logos of our partners.


Your logo will be embedded on visible surfaces of the car, such as the sides, hood, fenders or bumper. This ensures optimal visibility during races, where thousands of spectators and viewers will be able to see your brand. As a partner, you will benefit from a quality exposure to a public passionate about motorsport. Your logo will be associated with my performance, my determination and my professionalism on the race tracks. In addition, we also offer the possibility of integrating your logo into our promotional material, such as posters, brochures and videos, for increased visibility. It is important to underline that we will pay particular attention to the harmonious integration of your logo in our suit and on the racing car. We will ensure that the logos are clearly visible, while respecting the rules and regulations in force in motorsport. As a racing driver, I am delighted to collaborate with committed partners who share our values ​​and our passion for motorsport.


This partnership will be an opportunity for mutual growth and increased visibility for both of us. To further discuss this partnership opportunity and specific details regarding logos and their integration, I invite you to contact us. We are open to customization and adaptation to meet your specific needs. Together, we can create a remarkable track presence and reach new heights of success.

I look forward to representing your brand and sharing our accomplishments with the world. Thank you for your interest and continued support.



Christian EBONG, premie rpilote africain, race, formule
Christian EBONG, premie rpilote africain, race, formule
Christian EBONG, premie rpilote africain, race, formule
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