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Pilot race

The course of your driving course

We often welcome in the same driving session people discovering for the first time the circuit driving course and others who have already made several experiences. The trainee will receive a week before the date of the driving course by sms and email the meeting time on the circuit (no need to show up before to avoid waiting longer than necessary). In this email, the trainee will also have access to a video of the presentation briefing of the circuit, the cars, the driving techniques which will allow him to understand very clearly the basics of driving but also the essential techniques to improve such as mastery gradual braking or the projection of the gaze. Our BPJEPS instructors, as a passenger in the car during your series at the wheel, will of course adapt their pedagogy according to the level of each one. Following the sending a week before the course of the demonstration briefing visible on smartphone, tablets, PC, MAC ..., the explanations will continue in real situation on the day of the driving course thanks to 2 reconnaissance laps (in order to familiarize you with trajectories, braking zones, turning points and apexes. We sometimes place chicanes on the circuit and this is in no way to "save" our vehicles. Our expertise in the driving course is based on the perfect mastery of the essential elements in order to reconcile pleasure and safety. On some circuits, the configurations of certain turns lead us to materialize and anticipate more the braking zones. In the majority of cases, these chicanes are imposed by the circuits themselves and appear in the homologation documents.
Once seated behind the wheel, your monitor will put you at ease and remind you of the latest important information. You will take to the track and your instructor will take care of assessing your "driver" skills in a few minutes in order to advise you as effectively as possible and thus reconcile educational progress, pleasure, sensations of acceleration, speed and braking. Each instructor is instructed to adapt his pedagogy in order to bring you the pleasure of driving even on 2 laps. Of course, the more laps you drive, the more your progress and enjoyment will be there. We advise you to do a minimum of 4 laps to really enjoy yourself. Once the number of laps has been completed, your instructor will give you a debriefing in the car and you can take the opportunity to take some photos with your companions. We remind you, however, that the presence of children under 8, pregnant women and fragile people is strongly discouraged on the circuits. At the end of your internship, we will be waiting for you in order to give you your nominative "Driving internship" diploma and remind you of the procedure for reading the video of your internship (optional) on USB key or in a dematerialized way in streaming (3 days after the course).

How reserved a pilot race?

You can make your reservation directly on our website using the form below or by phone. Our assistants are available Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. We then select the circuit near you to carry out your driving course among the 25 circuits we offer. The driving course formula that you will retain for the beneficiary can always be modified at his convenience on another car, another date or another circuit with or without supplement depending on the importance of the modifications.

Our wish is that the trainee can take full advantage of his experience and our Customer Relations Department will always find you the solution that best suits your expectations. If you offer this gift to one of your loved ones, consider taking the "Gift Box" option. We will send you by email the piloting gift box containing the booklet, the personalized gift voucher and the schedule for the current year.

You can choose to send your driving course gift box to the buyer or the beneficiary directly. If, for example, you are not 100% certain of the model of vehicle that would best suit the future trainee, opt in this case for the "Driving Gift Box" formula (Driving Discovery at 119€, Driving Sensations at 179€, Passion Pilotage at 219€ and Excellence Pilotage at 249€ - excluding promotion). This formula will give the beneficiary the greatest flexibility and he will be able to choose the vehicle he prefers when booking the date.
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